Brag Dolls Recovery House Care

Brag Dolls Recovery House Care

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Offering (3) spectacular packages for dolls that are planning plastic surgery in the DC, MD or VA area or out of town and is looking for the most highly skilled plastic surgery recovery care services in the comfort of your own home , Airbnb or “our private location which is with an additional cost”. Look no further, your practitioner has been in the medical field for over 20 years as a surgical medical assistant providing professional care, advice and support to patients who’ve had plastic surgery as well as obstetrician surgery. So my first advice to you is to do not skip this process for your healing journey. 

Our most popular package is the All Inclusive Brag Doll Diva package, which entails top notch care of massages, pain management, shower assistance , faja cleansing/ changing & the list goes on.

***All clients must provide their food to be prepared. A list will be provided after booking.

***Overnight clients must provide a area for the nurse to rest if not, the nurse will leave before midnight and will return at 7am.

***Service must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance.

*** Flight must be between 9am -6pm unless permitted by the nurse.

***Aesthetic Savings Plan can not be used for this services with no exceptions.

Prices are subjected to change for the purpose of add on services.