Wellness Consultations

Wellness Consultations

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Consultation (In-Studio or Virtual )

(30 minutes @ $50.00)

Certified Wellness Coaching (In-Person or Virtual)

(50 mins @$130.00) -In-Person Coaching can be scheduled together with a consultation but not recommended for virtual because most clients are asked to be prepared with certain items during video call.

Best days to book: Every Monday

This private in studio or virtual consult will address any questions an/or concerns specific to non-surgical or surgical body contouring treatments/aftercare. Pre-Operative & Post-Operative Coaching is offered. During this time we want to best use our time to ensure all questions an/or concerns are met to have a successful treatment/healing journey.

Bear in mind you can schedule your consult and wellness session/treatment on the same day if available.

Virtual Coaching requires a quiet space, properly operating video call (FaceTime or Zoom), questions & pictures must be sent to email after booking appointment to BragDifferentCollection@gmail.com, be prepared during the session with pen and paper. All recommended tools to order will be sent via email.


Same day body contouring treatment requirements:

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water the day prior to treatment.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals the day prior & don’t eat 2 hours before your treatment. 
  • No caffeine, alcohol or carbonated drinks 24 hours prior to treatment.
  • Shave any body hair on or around the areas to be treated.