Healing Waters Therapy Service

Healing Waters Therapy Service

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Our Healing Waters Therapy is not your typical bath bomb as we all have known them to be. Ours allows you to enjoy a all natural luxurious aromatic experience along with the release of bad toxins and the joy of relaxation of the muscles due to pain and swelling and it will also apply restoration/rejuvenation to the skin, causing youthful skin again.

This treatment is great for adults as well as children but please be advised that the body can become very relaxed so we recommend it be done in office & under the supervision of your practitioner but it can be done in the comfort of your home with less than 20 minutes of soaking.


Better sleep

Inflammatory Response/Detoxification Properties 

Muscle Pain Relief 

Calm Mood 

Nourishing Skin Moisturizer

Rejuvenating Powers


Relaxes Mind & Body