Nicaraguan Lymphatic Drainage & Postop Care

Nicaraguan Lymphatic Drainage & Postop Care

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Specializing in Nicaraguan Lymphatic Drainage!

Tina Renee’ is a expert post operative professional.

Prepare to heal faster with our new & improved techniques providing loads of internal health benefits as well as amazing results. Although results may vary depending on the clients lifestyle this technique is still great for the body because it helps heal you from the inside, out by detoxification of the body getting rid of unwanted toxins, inflammatory disorder, reduces puffiness, great for poor circulation and loss of luster, it’s an alternative therapy for chronic illnesses (referral required by PCP)  and is highly recommended for those who are about to have a plastic surgery procedure and it’s highly recommended for those recovering from surgery. This is also great to have during pregnancy to help with swelling. (Referral Required by Obstetrician)

Prices subjected to change.
(50 minutes Single Session Only (1)-Is for first timers only that want to try it out before choosing a package or for our clients that has completed a package with us. Not for clients that require us to travel to them. 

(50 minutes) Package of (6) 

(50 minutes) Package of (8)

(50 minutes) Package of (10)

(50 minutes) Package of (20)

(30 minutes) Single area is for clients that is not requiring a surgical area to be addressed. 



Post Op Care packages include: Post Op Care Treatment, Ultrasound Cavitation or Radio Frequency (All cases Vary) / Drain & Wound Care and Alterations Guidance.

This package is very important in your postop journey! Lymphatic Drainage help to stimulate blood flow, resolving an issue of hematomas, bruising and fibrosis. The custom technique involved will mold, shape and sculpt the areas treated while also ensuring the skin to reattach back to the muscles that were separated during liposuction. This treatment package is customized based on the stage you are in postoperatively. This is a total body treatment that focuses mostly on the surgical area.

Most surgeons recommend at least 10-20 sessions for a speedy recovery & for the best results. We recommend you following up with your surgeon as we will as well.

Payment installments available using Shop Pay only! 

Home visits are available with an additional charge. You must consult with the postop expert prior to booking. This service is usually for our BBL Post-Op clients that is between 1DPO to 3WPO. At 3 WPO it is best to come in to our studio to receive the remaining services or the fees will double for the request of more home visits.