Fresh Start Wellness Drinks (Shots & 16oz)

Fresh Start Wellness Drinks (Shots & 16oz)

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All Natural Organic Fruits & Herbs are properly paired for the best taste and the best results. 
100% Plant Based 🌱, Zero Sugar Cane, No Artificial Flavors or Coloring. 


For a person of average height and weight, it's typical to lose between 3-8 lbs on a 3 day detox cleanse. Some people lose more and some less. Some people don't lose any weight at all, but we have found that to be rare. Nonetheless, we make no guarantee you'll lose any weight at all.

We are not doctors and we do not diagnose nor do we treat any dis-ease. We are here to help encourage you on a healthy lifestyle journey. If you have health issues, please consult with your physician prior to starting your juicing process. We do offer Wellness Coaching services if you are on medication and have some goals to meet to better your quality of life.

Our drinks are known for detoxifying the body of bad toxins and mucus which is the cause of major health issues. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or allergic concerns for possible modifications to your order if needed.

Powerhouse Fiber Pak: During the juicing process, the natural fibers are generously removed. We recycle the natural fibers and create an all natural flavorful powder that can be added to any meal or drink for high fiber benefits. Coming Soon!!!                  

Happy Healing!